On 11 April, approximately 90 stakeholders from different continents gathered in Brussels to participate the 2nd European edition of the AFB 20 (2) Roadside Safety Design Subcommittee on International Research Activities.  


Coordinated by the ERF and held at the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, the event proved a great success with both in terms of content provided and participation.


Final Agendaimages


List of Participants:  images


Minutes of the meeting: images



Pictures from the event





Welcome Presentation


CE marking conditions for the road safety barriers placed as products on the EU market - George Katsarakis (European Commission)



SESSION I: EN 1317 Framework – CE Mark and EU Rules for Road Restraint Systems




SESSION II: Innovation for Road side Safety




SESSION III: Workzone Safety / Experience with Crashworthy Terminals and Transitions 




SESSION IV: Forgivign Roadside according to EN 12676 / Motorcycle Safety