Members of the Road Restraint Systems Working Group




The ERF currently has 25 members that are active in the field of Road Safety and Road Restraint Systems.  They represent barriers manufacturers, producers, test houses, notified bodies and research centres.





Industry A.M.S (Italy)


• ArcelorMittal (Belgium) 


AXIMUM (France)


Bulgarian Branch Association Road Safety - (Bulgaria)


COLAS (France)


CSI SPA (Italy)


Delta Bloc (Austria) 


Eupave (Belgium)


Eurovia (France)


Galva Union (France)


• GDTECH (Belgium) 


Heintzmann Safety Industries Italia (Italy) 


Hill & Smith Ltd. (UK)


Transpolis (France)


MIRA (United Kingdom)


SafeRoad RRS (Germany) 


Safe German Guardrail Technology - SGGT (Germany) 


Syndicat des Equipements de la Route - SER (France)


Snoline (Italy)


Solosar (France)


Stalprodukt (Poland)


Studiengesellschaft für Stahlschutzplanken (Germany) 


• TERTU (France)


Volkmann & Rossbach (Germany)