ERF launches a policy statement on road safety and road restraint systems 


The ERF has released a policy statement entitled 'Road Safety and Road Restraint Systems.  Amongst others, the report contains case studies and statistical data gathered from different countries (Belgium, France and Germany) suggesting that the presence of a road barrier can contribute to an impressive reduction in the severity and costs of accidents.  For example, an effectiveness analysis carried out by local authorities in the Land of Hesse found that the installation of side barrier on rural road with a high accident frequency led to the impressive decrease of 91% in accidents with injuries and a global annual saving of € 849,000!


In addition, the policy paper aims to highlight future challenges for the effective deployment of road restraint systems on Europe’s roads.  Amongst others, the policy paper highlights the need to:


-         Gradually replace old prescriptive systems that are not tested according to the EN 1317

-         Examine the large discrepancies in minimum legal containment levels for motorways in the EU Member States

-         Ensure higher safety levels for motorcyclists by deploying systems based on the Technical Specification 1317-8

-        Act on the rural roads where 56% of Europe’s fatalities occur and where the deployment of safety barriers would greatly enhance safety


The policy paper is available here