On 29 November, the ERF sent a letter to the European Commission and the CEN concerning the update of the supporting standards 1,2 and 3 to the hEN 1317-5.   This initiative was in response to the European Commission's decision (and announced by the letter of Mr Agalbato, President of GNB-CPD on 15 July 2011) that notified bodies must strictly apply the older versions of the supporting standards until the hEN is updated accordingly.  


While understanding and accepting the legal reasoning, the members of the RRS Working Group wanted to stress that this decision had caused significant problems to some manufacturers who, not fully aware of the legal situation, naturally relied on the notified bodies for advice and now found themselves in a position of not being able to place their products in the market.  In this sense, the members of the group pleaded for an acceleration to the procedure for the update of the hEN.


Moreover, the members pointed out that they would welcome in the future a more attentive surveillance by CEN concerning the effects of the update of supporting standards with particular focus on the effects they may have on the harmonised one, in order to avoid similar issues arising again in the future.  


The ERF letter is available here