On 12 October, the Preparatory Group of the Standing Committe on Construction (Directive 89/106/EEC) met to discuss recent development in the implementation of the Directive at EU level.  One of the topics discuss was the implementation of the EN 1317-5, which as of 1 January 2011, was offciially incorporated into the provision of the Directive.  The item was put on the agenda following several complaints received by the European Commission concerning the incorrect implementation of the norm.


Luca Felappi, Chairman of the ERF Road Restraint Systems Working Group, was present as a representative of the industry.  During his intervention, he reiterated the industry's committment to the correct implementation of the EN 1317-5.  Nevertheless, he explained that a  fully open market for road restraint systems would require some time, given that this market has been traditionally closed for many years and, that to date, several obstacles still remain.  in this sense, he pleaded for a realistic and gradual approach to market opening and reiterated the ERF's willingness to working together towards this direction.