What is Containment Level? 


Containment level indicateds the containment capacity of the system.  Each containment level is defined by the crash tests that the road barrier has to withstand.  Each new barrier has to be tested at least twice, once with a light vehicle in order to detect the severity of the impact on a small-size car and the second one with a heavier vehicle in order to define the maximum impact energy that the system can withstand.  The containment levels are classified according to the growing energy of impact of the heaviest vehicle tested.


From the results of these crash tests, all the parameters defining the performance of the system are calculated.


A restraint system, in order to 'pass' the crash test, needs to fulfill a series of requirements: 



  • The safety barrier shall contain and redirect the vehicle without complete breakage of the principal longtitudinal elements of the system


  • Elements of the safety barrier shall not penetrate the passenger compartment of the vehicle


  • Deformations of, or intrusion into the passenger compartment that can cause serious damage are not permitted 


  • The centre of gravity of the vehicle shall not cross the centreline of the deformed system


  • The vehicle must not roll over (including rollover of the vehicle onto its side) during or after impact, although rolling pitching and yawing are acceptable 


  • For tests with Heavy Good Vehicles, no more than 5% of the mass of the ballast shall become detached or be split during the test, until the vehicle comes to rest.


  • Following impact into the safety barrier or parapet, the vehicle when bouncing back is not permitted to cross a line parallel to the initial traffic face of the system (see the definition of 'redirection' for more detail) 


It is up to national regulations (and not the EN 1317) to define which are the containment level (at least the minimum) to be used in different situations according to specific criteria (traffic type, speed limit, presence of hazards on the roadside etc) 


EN 1317 Containment Levels


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 EN 1317 Crash Test Specifications 



NB: Test TB11 and TB32 are designed to verify that the containnment level by the barrier is compatible with the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.