An overview of the EN1317


EN1317 defines levels of performance: each user should evaluate, every time, which features he needs when choosing a safety barrier; those features are defined by the test outputs described in this norm, and they represent:


  • The performance class of the product (for which vehicles it is tested and under which conditions)
  • The “safety level” of the product under impact (through bio-mechanical indexes it is possible to rate the probability of injuries resulting from an impact with the product)
  • The space needed for its smooth operation (how much space it ‘takes’ during the impact, the amount of deformation after the impact...)


For each situation, it is generally preferrable to use a system whose working width is lower than the available space (for example on the edge of a cliff), while at the same time, ensuring appropriate safety features. In the same way, the containment level is chosen depending on the type of vehicle cicrculating on a specific road and according to the current risks (for example, falling off a bridge, entering pedestrian sidewalks or compromising the integrity of buildings).