- RISER: Roadside Infrastructure for Safer European Roads 

RISER is EC co-funded research project that ran from 2003 to 2006, coordinated by the Chalmers University of Technology and with the participation of a total of 10 partners from 8 European countries. 


The main objectives of RISER were to:

  • Develop a database(s) with information describing run-off-road crashes.


  • Analyse the collected data to provide engineering and human factors links between the roadside infrastructure and safety and operational issues.


  • Develop a set of best practice guidelines that will improve the state of roadside safety in Europe.

One of the project's principal deliverables was a set of 'Guidelines for Roadside Infrastructure on New and Existing Roads'.   Amongst other things, the project found that the installation or upgrading of the road restraint system can significantly reduce the risk of fatal accident with a high cost-benefit ratio.  More specifically, according to available data from Federal Highways Administration in the USA, the upgrading of a median barrier can have a spectacular impact on road safety at cost-benefit ratio of 1:1370!  Additionally, through a broad literature review on road side safety, the project identified existing research (Elvik.R & Vaa.T. The Handbook of Road Safety Measures. Elsevier 2004) showing that the installation or improvement of roadside or median barrieers can lead an 44% average reduction of fatal accidents.


The full report is available here (refences available at pp. 76-77)