- Serious accidents in the Ensival bridge of the Belgian town of Verviers - H4b barriers makes the difference


On 22 June 2007, a Heavy Good Vehicle carrying a load of potatoes ran-off the side of the Envisal bridge in the Belgian town of Verviers.  The barrier in place, called Caison Mailleux, which is not tested according to the EN 1317,  failed to asborb the energy of the impact and collapsed.  As a result, the Heavy Good Vehicle plunged over the bridge and fell 10 metres down until it landed on the Belgian motorway.  Tragically, th driver of the Heavy Good Vehicle was killed.  



Following the accident, the road authorities in Verviers decided to the replace the collapsed structure with an H4b barrier, which is tested according to the EN 1317  and is designed to withhold an impact of a 38 tonne HGV travelling at 65 km.  



A year later on 3 July 2008, a similar run-off accident occurred when a driver lost control of his trailer truck  at the Ensival bridge. Fortunately, this time around, the H4b barrier which had been installed managed to contain the vehicle.  As a result, there were no fatalities recorded.