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In the EU-27, over 300 million vehicles circulate on a road network of approximately 5 million kilometres.  The societal impact of road accidents, fatalities and injuries is estimated to be around 2% of the EU GDP, or in other words, around 250 billion euros.  Injuries and fatalities due to road accidents are a problem that can considerably be addressed if the necessary attention is given to the prevention strategies and solutions.


Road safety is based on a three pillar approach by focussing on the vehicle, the driver and last but not least, the infrastructure.  In turn, infrastructure safety can be separated into active safety measures, whose role is to ensure as far as possible that the driver maintains control of his vehicle through appropriate guidance (e.g. road markings and signs) and passive safety measures, whose role is to protect drivers once they have lost control of their vehicle and, in the end, to protect drivers from their own human mistakes.  


Road Restraint Systems are one of the most efficient and cost-effective road infrastructure solutions that can reduce the impact of a road accident and the number of fatalities and injuries for the vehicle passengers.


This dedicated website is the contribution of the European Union Road Federation and its Members to Road Safety and the constant improvement of Road Restraint Systems (RRS) in Europe.


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